Athlete: Roman Kirkov

Prescribed Workout: 8-10 x 1k w/1min jog, in 3:12 > 3:07 [5 minute rest] 4 x 200 smooth

Results: 10 x 1k averaging 3:06 w/ 4×200

Another bread and butter workout here. I really believe in high volume workouts with efforts within the 10k-15k range. Tack on a few quick short reps before or after, and you’ve got a nice combination workout. Roman recently ran 15:01 at the bowerman 5k road race, so we were able to go into this workout with a pretty good idea of his fitness level. Obviously Roman had a good day as he averaged just a hair quicker than what I had asked for.

On the 200’s Roman is instructed most of the time to simply be smooth, we are not worried about the watch on these. It’s always good to practice running quick and smooth and letting that come organically.

Coach Drew