Athlete: Roman Kirkov

Prescribed Workout: 25 x 1/1. Alternating between 10k/5k and 6:30ish.

Result: 50:25 at 5:29 overall

“That was a lot of surging”.

Roman’s first words when describing this workout. This workout is mean’t to be simple, and mostly unstructured. Over 26.2 miles, Roman needs to be able to cover surges, and have the ability to throw them in as well. I believe this workout also compliments the fact that there will be ups and downs with any marathon a person will run. Having the ability to shift gears is important, even if the goal is to run even pace. The exact pace is not important. But somewhere around 10k to 5k effort seems appropriate for the volume. The off’s should be around normal run pace.

Coach Drew

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