Athlete: Asher Catterall

Prescribed Workout: Easy recovery run.

Result: 30 minute run at 7:30 pace

Ah. I know what you’re thinking. An easy run is not a workout. True, but it’s arguably just as important if not more, and I think there importance of sharing the day.

Two days before this Asher had a really difficult specific long run. A day before this I asked Asher to take the day off. This day, I asked for Asher to go for an extremely comfortable distance run, or take another day off. Asher has been fighting a little bit of discomfort in his heel – that with his long run, I just really wanted to make sure that Asher would rest. He’s plenty fit, and right now, I just want to make sure we get him to the starting line as healthy as possible.

Asher actually complained about how hard it was to run this close. He said that 6:30’s is far more comfortable. I think generally “comfortable” is a great way to describing what a regular distance run should feel like, but today wasn’t supposed to be comfortable, it was suppose to be an easy recovery run. These days are rare – as I think don’t really believe in recovery weeks and recovery days. To me, if you need a down week, then you probably are training too hard in the first place. Generally the only time I will specifically ask an athlete to make sure they run EASY and RECOVERY is after a hard long run.

If you don’t recovery from your training, you might as well have not trained in the first place.


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