Roman will make his Marathon debut tomorrow, at the Capital City Classic, in Olympia Washington. Kirkov, will be the first Ultimook athlete to run a road marathon. Back in March — Kirkov set the club half-marathon record when he ran 69:20, for 4th place.

Roman has had a short build up for Capital City, since recovering from Shamrock.

Here’s a list of the workouts Roman has done since Shamrock.

3/26: (6×300) in 52 (w/100j/500j)

3/29: 5 x 5min/1:30 at 10k effort/jog

4/9: 20-25 x 1min/1 fartlek (distance run/5k-10k pace)

4/15: 4 x 8 minutes at 10k effort w/2min jog between

4/19: 12 mile tempo (3-1-3-1-3-1) [marathon pace/6:30ish]

4/23: 12-16 x 400 at 72/73 w/200j

4/26: 20 x 1min/1 (distance run/5k-10k pace)

4/30: 8 x 3min/1 at 10k effort + 4 x 30s quick

5/4: 15 mile tempo 4-1-4-1-4-1  (goal pace/6:30ish)

5/10: 15 x 2 min/1 (distance run/5k-10k pace)

5/14: 8 x 200 at 3k effort w/200j

Kirkov’s training block looks eerily similar to what it was before Shamrock. The only real difference are the longer tempo sessions, where he alternated between marathon effort, and distance run pace, and the longer fartlek sessions. It is our hope that he has gotten enough specificity through these, that will allow for him to run well in his debut.

Coach Drew

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