Legend of the Northwest

Rugged Beauty, Old School Grit.
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Our mission is to develop long distance runners in both mind and body.  Our Youth Track Club is focused on long-term aerobic development and character & leadership training.  Prepare for the Junior Olympics with us and race for the Ultimook Track Club.



Our Post-Collegiate group can be found at prominent road races throughout the Northwest, major marathons across the country, and track meets anywhere. Goals range from pursuing USOT standards to simply getting the most out of their abilities.


Our mission is to develop long distance runners in both mind and body.  We offer a REAL cross country experience with a unique mixture of beautiful runs, great training, knowledgeable speakers, and team building challenges.

Inspire Dreams

Unique Running Camp

Legend of the Northwest.

Rugged beauty, old school grit.

Experience the Best Runs on the Oregon Coast

High School Long Distance Running Camp

Camping on the Hydrangea Ranch

On one of the Oregon Coast’s most popular wedding venues.

The Sasquatch Games

Creative Team Building Challenges
“My team has attended the Ultimook Running Camp the last four summers, and the combination of team building activities with training runs and mental development has led to increased confidence in personal ability and enjoyment by each athlete.  If you are looking for a great camp that is for all of your runners, regardless of ability,  this is what you are looking for.” David Harley

Coach, Scappoose High School

“I learn something new every year, whether it has to do with teamwork, running habits, or character.  Great camp with a lot of great people.” Andy Monroe

Athlete, Crater High School

“Coming onto the team, it really helped me bond with everyone through encouraging activities and challenging workouts.  It was a really enjoyable experience overall and really helped prepare me for the season.” Ariana Marks

Athlete, Crater High School

“Overall best camp around and it always keeps you competitive and hardworking and striving to win and do your best.” Jantz Tostenson

Athlete, Crater High School

“We brought 11 athletes and 5 coaches all the way from Iowa to experience the Ultimook camping experience. It was worth every one of the 4100 miles we drove round trip to make it happen.
– Kids will be challenged! Our kids have never…in their lives ran routes that held such beauty as well as challenges!
– Amazing staff. Patrick always finds away to have great staff on hand. College counselors who truly love kids are a great part of this camp. Professional runners who are ready to share their experience. Competent coaches who want kids to succeed.
– This is by far the most beautiful setting in the US for a running camp. Patrick’s farm is an amazing setting for any one to experience.” Rob Hammann

Coach, Pella High School Cross Country, Iowa

“The Ultimook is the most team oriented place on earth and this team wouldn’t be as close as we are without it.” Derek Tripp

Athlete, Crater High School

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Office Phone: (503) 815- 3762
Cell Phone: (503) 812 – 9190
Fax: (503) 815 – 9326
Email: pat@ultimookrunningcamp.com


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