Athlete: Asher Catterall

Prescribed: 20 mile “Mook Tempo”

Result: 20 miles averaging 5:58 (6:07 – 5:44)

Asher did this workout on August 22nd, in preparation for the Timberjack 100k on September 12th. This “tempo”, is the last significant effort Asher will do. He’ll take time to recover, and hit a few more workouts before taking a sharp cut in mileage right before the race.

This is the first time I’ve ever given someone this workout. For a while now I’ve believed in the idea of a moderate tempo for 20-30 miles. It takes a special athlete to be able to prescribe such a workout and have it be logical.

Asher has been putting in hundred mile weeks, is extremely durable, and of decent ability. If Asher were anything but all three of these, I would likely not have prescribed this effort.

The trails are difficult. The Timberjack is a relatively flat 100k, and more than anything else, I’m concerned with Asher’s tempo ability. Asher having run 20 miles in under two hours and it feeling relatively easy is a tremendous sign as he approached his first 100k.


Coach Drew