This past Saturday, Asher Catterall found himself on top of the podium once again. Asher ran the course in 3:43, distancing runner-up Daniel Friesen of Bend, by 10 minutes.

The 23 year old found himself running in second place for the first sixteen miles or so – but eventually his patience served him well. Asher didn’t feel all that great from the get go, and also took a pretty nasty spill late into the race. Sometimes it is nice to have a race where things don’t go to plan – a race where you don’t feel all that great and persevere.

After-all, isn’t that the point of all this training? There’s something to say about not being at your best, for whatever the reason is, and throwing down nonetheless.

The McKenzie River 50k caps off what was in some ways, a new beginning for Asher as he fully invests into the trail world. After racing in the US 50k champs last February, Asher then raced the Spence Mountain 50k in his back yard, before winning the Ultramook 50k, and then of course, taking home top honors in the McKenzie River 50k.

Time for recovery, and bigger races to come.

– Coach Drew

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