Athlete: Michael “Master” Murphy

Prescribed: 2 (5×300) w/100j btw reps, 400j btw sets

Result: 2 (5×300) in 59.6, 59.6, 60.3, 59.6, 60.1- -3min jog–59.6, 59.0, 58.4, 59.4, 58.8

The goal for Murphy was to run the first set in 61, and the second set in 59. The main reason for doing this workout in two sets, instead of say just 10 x 300, is because Murphy was racing that weekend at the Three Capes Relay. Wanted to make the day slightly easier for him. Murphy also tends to run too quick sometimes, so the 400j is a nice way of recovering from any mistakes, and allows for us to check-in before starting the next set.

The first set was supposed to be around date 5k pace. The second set at 3k date pace.

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