Around two months after CIM, Roman started to develop some pain in his leg. He took about six weeks to fully recover, which involved both rest days, and easy running. Roman has been back “training” for the past six weeks now, and I thought it might be helpful to see how he has transitioned back into things.

Week #1

  • 28.5 total miles

Week #2

  • 50 total miles

Week #3

  • 68 total miles

  • Workout: 8 x 30s at “stride” effort w/60s jog between

  • 12 mile long run

Week #4

  • 70 total miles

  • Workout: 12 x 30s at “stride” effort w/60s jog between

  • 13 mile long run

Week #5

  • 77 total miles

  • Workout: 8 x 30s hills w/easy jog back down

  • 82 minute medium long run

  • 1:45 long run

Week #6

  • 86 total miles

  • Workout: 10 x 2/1 (2 minutes around 10k effort w/1minute at jog)

  • Workout: 3 (4 x 30s hills)

  • 90 minute medium long run

  • 2:00 long run

  1. The priority at first was simply getting him through two weeks of easy running feeling PERFECT.

  2. We added a very conservative mini-workout, just to get him to move the legs a little, outside of strides.

  3. Introduced a longer run.

  4. Added a more “traditional” workout

  5. Added a hilly medium long run

  6. Added a second workout

Take from this what you will. I don’t like to complicate things. If I had a runner who has something hurting, getting that pain to go away becomes everything. Then we run easy, then step by step we reintroduce the types of training that they’re typically used to.