Athlete: Tyler Van Dyke

Prescribed Workout: 2 x 6 x 200 (1500) [200j/400j]

Result: 2 x 6 x 200 at 32/31 seconds


I have always liked this workout. Tyler is still getting back to being fit. This is a low volume workout that has appropriate rest for the intensity of the workout. Most people could probably run this workout year round’ if they wanted too. Tyler and many of the other “longer” distance athletes will run short reps at 1500 effort early in season, before we are able to handle larger volume workouts. Tyler ended up running this workout quicker than prescribe, but with the shorter distance of the repetitions and the fact that the workout was broken up in sets, makes this manageable. When Tyler is more fit, I will ask him to run similar workouts to this on top of larger volume workouts when we are looking for a similar goal as today.

EX: Instead of 2 x 6 x 200 (1500) early in season, will turn into ….

EX: 8-10 x 1000 (10,000) [1′] + [5′] + 4-8 x 200 (1500) [200j]

As an athlete grows fitter, and emphasis changes, so must the workouts. I’m not saying that these workouts similar, this is just an example of how we tap that same energy system later in season. As Tyler will be concentrating on the Pear Blossum 10 miler, and a late season Marathon, it is unlikely that we will go to the track for a workout like we did today. Instead we will tack on shorter quicker reps.