Athlete: Asher Catterall

Prescribed: 2 (5×2:30/1) at 10k effort

Result: wu, 2(5×2:30/1) 36:00, cd (9.41 total miles)

This was a workout done the Wednesday before the Eugene Frozen Trail Runfest, hence why there was so much rest for such short rep/small volume. We schedule our races around training, not our training around our racing schedule. We are first and foremost worried about development. This was Asher’s second workout at around 10k effort. The week before I put him on the track for a set of 600’s at 10k effort. We often actually get on a track early in season, then step away – opposite of most people. I trust the track. I think it is actually more safe to put athletes on a track for short reps to get an accurate feel for what effort they’re looking for. This way Asher was able to run this low-key fartlek, drawing on the previous weeks workout that was more measured.

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