This Sunday, Asher will stay in his backyard, where he will run the Spence Mountain 50k, in Klamath Falls, OR. This will be Asher’s first race (outside of a few local – short trail races) since the USATF 50k Trail Champs, which took place in February.

This is the first of three pivotal trail races planned for this summer. Asher will also look to compete in the Ultramook 50k, and the McKenzie River Trail Run (also a 50k).

Asher has been building mileage and re-introducing workouts since February. After two weeks off, below has been his build-up.

Miles per week + the workouts he did that week.

Week #1: 34 mpw. No workouts.

Week #2: 61 mpw. No workouts.

Week #3: 76 mpw. (60 minutes w/elevation) (3x30m sprints)

Week #4: 90 mpw. (20 minute threshold) (75 minutes w/elevation) (3x30m sprints)

Week #5: 102 mpw. ( short threshold) (90 minutes w/elevation)

Week #6: 114 mpw. (2x3x30m sprints) (12x40s hills) (95 minutes w/elevation)

Week #7: 50 mpw. (30 minute threshold)

Week #8: 75 mpw.  (no workouts)

Week #9: 75 mpw. (10×3/1 at 10k effort) (2:45 w/elevation)

Week #10: N/A. (12x40s hills)

Week #11: RACE WEEK. N/A/ (20 minute threshold)

Again, this is race #1 for the summer. Asher is absolutely going into this race to run well, but the primary focus is the build up for McKenzie River, where he will get a crack at some of the PNW’s best trail runners.

Coach Drew




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