When a runner says they’re “out of shape,” what they mean is their endurance has diminished.

Everyone has energy to do an activity for a short amount of time, but endurance is the ability to do the same thing for a long time.

So, how to we build up our endurance and get rid of the feeling of being out of shape.

Build up SLOWLY. Sure, you might be able to hop off the couch and run that race on no training, but it’s a good way to injure yourself.

Slowly doing longer and longer runs will help increase your endurance. It won’t happen overnight, it takes time. That’s the reason we have running practice, we all need to get out and increase that endurance to be better distance runners in the future. Even our youngest runners will begin to notice in the next couple weeks their ability to run further and faster because they’ve consistently been running at practices.

Watch out, soon we’ll be running marathons 😉

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