Fun Run Membership


The Fun Run Membership option is ideal for those just wanting to run a few times a week/month with other runners and doesn’t want to take it too seriously.  You can upgrade your membership subscription to premium race membership at any time.

Annual Membership Fee Includes:

All group runs (initially 3 organized runs/week, potentially more as the group grows)

All social hours

Club discount program

Discounts to all Ultimook non-profit events


All ages welcome.  Runs will be organized for every level of runner.

Initial Schedule (kickoff April 9):

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:30 pm.  Meet at 5:30 pm, start run at 6:00 pm.  Join us for happy hour after the run.

Saturdays meet at 8:30 am, to start run at 9 am.  Join us for coffee after the run.

Meeting Location:  

Tillamook:  Parking lot on 1st St. between the corner of Stillwell and Ivy, across from the food court.

Annual Banquet:

Look forward to our annual banquet/barbecue to be held this summer on the Hydrangea Ranch.  Cost will be $10 for fun run members and guests.




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