Elite Club Records

1500m: 3:49 (Carl Stones, 2016)

3000m Steeple: 8:35 (Carl Stones, 2016)

5000m: 14:56.47 (Jackson Baker, 2018)

10000m: 30:51.62 (Aki Kitagawa, 2017)

Half Marathon: 71:16 (Aki Kitagawa 2017)

Elite Master Records

1500m: 4:27.31 (Michael Murphy, 2017) #4 in US

Mile: 4:45.23 (Michael Murphy, 2017) #2 in the US, #6 in the World

3000m: 9:22.48 (Michael Murphy, 2017) #2 in the US

5000m: 16:04.56 (Michael Murphy, 2017) #2 in the US

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Workout: 9 mile tempo

Workout: 9 mile tempo

Long Run: Specific Trail Play w/Russell
Workout: 2 (5x2:30/1) at 10k effort
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3rd St. Mile Results

Roman runs 2:25:18 at CIM Marathon
Sam & Asher set course records at Eugene Frozen Trail Runfest
CIM Marathon & The Frozen Trail Runfest
All the important hay is in the barn.
Russell wins WHEE 22 miler

Russell wins WHEE 22 miler

Asher's 50k Training

Asher's 50k Training

Weekly Workout: 1,000 + 400 + 200
Weekly Workout: 8-10 x 1k (8/21/19)
Asher wins the McKenzie River 50k
Roman Kirkov finishes 4th at Bowerman 5k
Asher Catterall wins Ultramook 50k
Community Club Speed Workout - Wednesday, July 24
July 11 Community Club Run moved to Hydrangea Ranch!
Community Club Summer Session Week 2 Events
Ultimook Community Club is back for our summer session!
Ultimook TC Retreat

Ultimook TC Retreat

Roman Kirkov Runs 2:33:49 in debut
Asher Caterall Finished 6th, at Spence Mountain 50k
Roman Kirkov to run Capital City Marathon
Tyler Van Dyke Wins Peal Blossom 10 Miler
Asher Caterall to tackle Spence Mountain 50k
New Summer Session Coming Soon!
Weekly Workout: 25 x 1/1 Fartlek
Ultimook Youth compete at TrackTown meet
Mother's Day Weekend - No organized run on Saturday, May 11
Ultimook Character Lesson #4
Ultimook Youth Character Lesson: Week #3
Ultimook Youth Character Lesson: Week #2
Fun Run Community Club Memberships Are Free!
Community Club Spring Promotion
Splash N Dash success!

Splash N Dash success!

April 8 Week Character Lesson: Encouragement
Our first run is in the books!
Community Club Social Hour
Join us for our First Run of the YEAR!
Meet the Coaches

Meet the Coaches

Spring Season Races

Spring Season Races

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Running Routes

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Weekly Workout: 2 (5x300) February 2019
Three Capes Relay

Three Capes Relay

Weekly Workout: 2 (6x200)

Weekly Workout: 2 (6x200)

Weekly Workout: 7 Mile Tempo Run
Weekly Workout: 6 x 40m

Weekly Workout: 6 x 40m

Weekly Workout: The Recovery Run
Weekly Workout 8-10 x 400 (Spring of 2017)
Weekly Workout: 70 Minute Progression Run in Flagstaff (Fall of 2017)
Weekly Workout: 3 Mile Threshold + 4 x 200
Weekly Workout: Specific Long Run
2018: A recap

2018: A recap

Ultimook Elite: Accepting applications for 2019
Weekly Workout: 10 x 800

Weekly Workout: 10 x 800

50k & 30k Trail Race on the Tillamook Ridge

Premier Youth Running Camp