Premium Membership


The Premium Race Membership option is ideal those who want to take it a bit more serious.  Schedule a goal race and train following our generalized training plans.  The Ultimook Track Club will select a certain number of races a year for group participation.

Annual Membership Fee Includes:

Ultimook Track Club Racing Singlet

Access to generalized training plans via Final Surge, an online runners log.  Follow our training and log your miles using a professional online platform.

All group runs (initially 3 organized runs/week, potentially more as the group grows).

2 interval type workouts/month scheduled on the Hydrangea Ranch (e.g. mile repeats, etc.).

Join us for local and regional races and proudly wear the Ultimook Track Club racing singlet.

All social hours

Club discount program

Discounts to all Ultimook non-profit events

Summer Banquet for $10 each.


All ages welcome.  Runs will be organized for every level of runner.

Initial Schedule (kickoff April 9):

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:30 pm.  Meet at 5:30 pm, start run at 6:00 pm.  Join us for happy hour after the run.

Saturdays meet at 8:30 am, to start run at 9 am.  Join us for coffee after the run.

Meeting Location:  

Tillamook:  Parking lot on 1st St. between the corner of Stillwell and Ivy, across from the food court.

Annual Banquet:

Look forward to our annual banquet/barbecue to be held this summer on the Hydrangea Ranch.  Cost is $10.




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